2017 Nevada Controlled Substances Legislative Update

The 2017 Nevada State Legislature passed Assembly Bill 474, addressing the opioid overdose epidemic. Sponsored and signed by Governor Brian Sandoval, this new legislation enacts strategies that were developed to mitigate the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs, ultimately changing the way controlled substances are prescribed in the state of Nevada.

The new law requires requires an initial assessment before a patient can be prescribed opioids. This includes informing new patients of the risks of dependency and overdose, and discuss other methods to treat the patient’s pain including any anti-addiction drug alternatives. It also mandates an evidence-based diagnosis of the patient after 30 days, after 90 days, and after a year. Patients must to consent to frequent full exams and recurring assessments to receive longer-lasting painkiller supplies.

In collaboration with the Board of Pharmacy, the Board of Nursing has developed a White Paper and chart that summarizes all of the information pertaining to current Nevada prescribing Law. While mandatory for prescribing providers, these documents may be valuable references to those in the medical-legal field as well.

White Paper Publication Assembly Bill 474

AB 474 Chart