American Medical Association and Medical Billing Resources

Do you want to learn more about the medical bills that you receive related to the personal injury or medical malpractice? Most physician bills are based on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), a coding system developed and owned by the American Medical Association (AMA.)

The AMA provides print and ebook formats of all coding resources:

HCPCS Level II Professional Edition: This book provides the codes and regulations for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System and includes ambulance, durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies.

Principles of CPT® Coding, ninth edition: This book explains all of the CPT codes.

CPT® Coding EssentialsThese are a set of eight books specializing in specific injuries or conditions including: Anesthesia, Cardiology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics for upper limbs and one for Orthopedics for lower limbs, Urology and Nephology.

Netter’s Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT® CodingThis full color illustrated book shows detailed anatomy and the CPT codes that are related to the illustrations. This can provide a better understanding of the disease or injury, and related treatment.

Coding With Modifiers, fifth editionModifiers are numbers attached to the end of the CPT code to help assist the payer to understand and changes or additions to the code. ICD-10 code set is a book of all the International Classification of Diseases with explanations of the meaning of each code. This can be very helpful for understanding all of the conditions that the patient has and how this contributes to the codes used in treatment and facility costs.

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