Dawn Cook Featured Speaker at DRI pre-seminar session

Dawn Cook was recently included as a subject matter expert as a certified life care planner at the pre-seminar ‘Advanced Skills for Cross-Examination of the Life Care Planner’ at the Defense Research Institutes (DRI) Medical Liability and Health Care Law Seminar March 20, 2019 held in Nashville, Tennessee. Dawn is uniquely qualified as she does both plaintiff and defense life care planning and has completed over 500 damage reports in 27 states.  She has qualified in Federal Court in Illinois and New Mexico and at State Court in California, Nevada and New Mexico.

Dawn, along with her new business Expert Witness Nurses, also participated as table top sponsor at the DRI seminar, showcasing a wider range of services to support medical malpractice cases. Expert Witness Nurses prides itself in locating the best nurses, APRN and nurse practitioners to support medical legal cases. We know nurses can be difficult to locate and we have nurses from across the US in 150 speciality areas that are clinically active and looking to do expert work. Expert Witness Nurses charges no finder’s fee, handles invoicing with your firm, and pays the experts directly.

Please consider using Expert Witness Nurses to locate a nurse for your next medical malpractice suit.