Medical Marijuana and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing

The Volume 9, issue 2, July 2018 supplement issue of the Journal of Nursing Regulation is entirely dedicated to articles on Medical Marijuana. These articles are relevant to anyone interested in medical marijuana or in subscribing and administering recommendations for nurses and nurse practitioners.

Part one is a review of current legislation, scientific literature review and nursing implications. Part Two is the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Guidelines for Medical Marijuana. The article includes Nursing Care of the Patient using Medical Marijuana, Medical Marijuana Education for Pre-licensure nursing programs, Medical Marijuana Education in APRN nursing programs and APRN Certifying Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions.

The sixty page Journal is packed with information about the effects of Cannabis, adverse effects, methods of administration, dosing considerations and nursing implications. There are over six pages of references cited.

The Journal of Nursing Regulation (2018). NCSBN National Nursing Guidelines for Medical Marijuana. (Volume 9 Issue 2) retrieved from