Nerve Flossing

Typical pain reduction strategies are often ineffective for a lot of people with sciatica, however, nerve flossing combined with traditional physical therapy may be the option that helps.

Nerve flossing, also known as neural gliding, nerve gliding, or nerve mobilization, is various exercises that are designed to mobilize and stretch the nerves helping reduce irritation and improve range of motion (Lovell – Spine Universe, 2021).  Nerve flossing is a movement and therefore an active exercise, not just a stretch.  Physical therapist, Dr. Marko uses nerve flossing in her practice to help reduce pain in the back and neck. Some of the exercises she uses for sciatica include:

  • Mobilizing floss
  • Seated sciatic nerve floss
  • Hamstring floss

(Lovell – Spine Universe, 2021)

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To see a video on a seated lumbar nerve flossing movement for sciatica click here for a YouTube video by NASSspine


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