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Dawn presents at IARP Conference

Dawn Cook was pleased to be a speaker at the 2018 International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP) in Charlotte, NC. Her presentation ‘Adding Past Medical Bill Reviews to Your Practice: A Natural Addition to Life Care Planning’ introduced Life Care … Continued

What is a Seating Assessment?

For disabled persons using wheelchairs and other mobility or positioning systems, an assessment and fitting by a profession is a must. A poorly fitted chair can lead to pressure injury, pain, and difficulty transferring and in and out of the … Continued

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wound care

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy provides oxygen under higher-than-atmospheric pressure to assist in the healing of wounds. This is an adjunctive therapy provided in most hospital-based outpatient departments that specialize in wound care. Documentation for HBO includes the ascent time, descent … Continued

American Medical Association and Medical Billing Resources

Do you want to learn more about the medical bills that you receive related to the personal injury or medical malpractice? Most physician bills are based on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), a coding system developed and owned by the American … Continued

Is Your Expert Qualified?

Do you wonder how to determine if someone is qualified as an expert, to make an opinion on a factor of your case that needs an expert’s touch? Rule 702. Testimony by Expert Witnesses[1]: A witness who is qualified as … Continued

Coding and Costs for Cervical Spine Surgery

Cervical spinal procedures are performed for a variety of reasons. From the coding and billing perspective, knowing what to expect for each phase of the surgical process is vital to forming a knowledgable decision as to the reasonability of the … Continued

Coding for Preventative Counseling

A code can reveal a lot about the care given. Counseling codes can be used alone or in addition to the code for other unrelated medical care. Physicians, psychologists and others are increasingly using the new CPT[1] (Current Procedural Terminology) … Continued

Deciphering Medical Bills, a Primer for Attorneys

Dawn Cook Consulting is often asked to review and evaluate medical bills that have accumulated since an accident or for an incident that is in litigation. The process is often more complicated then simply looking at the medical coding or … Continued