Nurse Expert Witness wins Shark Tank at NNBA Conference

Dawn Cook had the opportunity to attend the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) Nurse Entrepreneurship & Career Alternatives Conference at the Sirata Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida from November 17th through the 19th. For those unfamiliar with the NNBA, it is best described as “a professional nursing association and springboard for nurses transitioning from traditional nursing to small business ownership and self-employment. NNBA is an invaluable resource for existing nurse business owners seeking to maximizing their business success.”

In addition to attending several enriching speaker sessions, Dawn participated in the NNBA 2017 Shark Tank Competition. Much like the show Shark Tank on network television, participants pitched their inventions and/or business ideas to a panel of judges. However, the NNBA version of Shark Tank was judged by “pure pitch” (no business plans or supporting documents required), with a strict 5-minute time limit, followed by a 5-minute question & answer session with the judges. Pitches were judged by the following criteria: innovative idea, proof of a market, demonstration of competitive advantage, and response to questions.

As a participant in this competition, Dawn pitched her idea of a nurse expert referral service. In a nutshell, the core objective of this service is to be the top directory resource for connecting attorneys with nurse expert witnesses around the country. Dawn and her nurse expert referral service idea met all of the preliminary guidelines to take her to the Finalist Round, where she wowed the judges and won the competition!

Dawn Cook at National Nurses in Business AssociationDawn Cook at National Nurses in Business Association

If you’re an attorney searching for a nurse expert witness for your case, or if you are a nurse who is interested in being listed in the directory, you may request information on Dawn’s award-winning Expert Witness Nurses business by contacting

Dawn Cook at National Nurses in Business Association