Ring and Nest, a Great Help to Paraplegics

We have all been there, in the bathroom, in bed, sleepy and not ready to face society than the doorbell rings.  For people in a wheelchair, it can require a lot of energy expenditure to transfer from bed to their chair or rush out of the bathroom to get to the door in time.  With the help of technology and smart doorbells, the mad dash to the door is a thing of the past.

Sonny Ali wrote an article titled, “Ring? Hello? Which Doorbell is Best for You?” and tested two of the most popular doorbells, Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Google’s Nest Hello. He wrote about his experience testing these smart doorbells in an article in The Magazine for Active Wheelchair Users.

When you connect one of these smart doorbells to your devices such as a smartphone or tablet, you can not only see who is at the door through a live video feed accessed through an app but can also hear them and talk to them through a two-way speaker.  Even if you are not home and the doorbell rings, you can get a notification and speak to the person if you chose.  If you miss the notification altogether, a short video recording of the visitor will be available for you to view. 

The Amazon Ring and Nest Hello doorbells have very similar interfaces and only a few differences.  To learn about these devices, costs, installation, and comparison click here to check out The Magazine for Active Wheelchair Users.

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