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Can a bill review be completed without actual bills?

Yes, some facilities or insurance companies don’t bill, for example, Veteran’s Affairs, Kaiser, HMO, and foreign countries.  In these cases, medical records can be reviewed to determine the service code, level, and type and then cost research can be done … Continued

How are bill reviews utilized

By Plaintiff: Bill reviews are useful to the plaintiff to prove that the bills were related to the incident, reasonable charges, and necessary medical treatment. By Defense: Bill reviews benefit defense by helping to determine if bills were not related … Continued

What is cost research methodology?

After the bills have been audited, cost research can be performed to apply reasonable and customary pricing, utilizing: Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for professional services (i.e. physician services, radiology, therapy). Costs found in sources such as Med Fees, National … Continued

What is cost research?

Cost research is done to provide the information that the law firm needs, samples are: Payments made for the bills Charges that would have been made in cases of the VA or HMO that don’t provide bills Medicare allowable amounts … Continued

What is a past medical bill review?

A past medical bill review is an evaluation of medical care provided in comparison to the medical billing.  The medical bills are organized into easy to read tables and a review is performed to ensure bills are: coded correctly for … Continued