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What is a future medical cost projection?

A Future Medical Cost Projection is a report designed to identify future medical costs for things such as medication, spine surgery, joint replacement surgery, etc.

What is included in a life care plan rebuttal?

A rebuttal will include opinions on the items included in the plaintiff life care plan and whether or not they are reasonable and necessary.  Changes may be suggested, alternatives recommended, or items may be suggested to be removed from the … Continued

Why might a life care plan rebuttal be needed?

A defense life care planner reviews the plan created to assist in determining if the plan for future care is medically reasonable and necessary and if the costs are usual, reasonable and customary. 

What is a life care plan rebuttal?

A life care plan rebuttal is a defense analysis and critique of a life care plan created for a plaintiff. 

Can a bill review be completed without actual bills?

Yes, some facilities or insurance companies don’t bill, for example, Veteran’s Affairs, Kaiser, HMO, and foreign countries.  In these cases, medical records can be reviewed to determine the service code, level, and type and then cost research can be done … Continued

How are bill reviews utilized

By Plaintiff: Bill reviews are useful to the plaintiff to prove that the bills were related to the incident, reasonable charges, and necessary medical treatment. By Defense: Bill reviews benefit defense by helping to determine if bills were not related … Continued