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What is proper FOUNDATION for a Life Care Plan?

What is proper FOUNDATION for a Life Care Plan?

When I get asked at deposition “What is the foundation for these life care planning recommendations” I reflect back to my research for the report.

The American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners states there are three documents that establish the foundation and create the framework for all nursing practice.

These are:

  • Nursing Social Policy Statement, The Essence of the Profession (ANA, 2010b)
  • Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (ANA, 2001)
  • Nursing, Scope and Standards of Practice (ANA, 2010a)

The most important foundational document for life care planning is:

  • Nurse Life Care Planning: Scope and Standards of Practice (AANLCP, 2015)
    • Standard 12, Collaboration, the nurse life care planner collaborates with the healthcare consumer, healthcare providers and others.
    • Standard 9, Evidence-Based Practice and Research, the nurse life care planner uses critical thinking skills and current scientific evidence to guide nurse life care planning.

Generally, a professional Registered Nurse is able to make many recommendations in the life care plan that will stand on her own professional abilities and for those that he or she is unable to support, she or he will likely contact the healthcare provider or provide research to support the recommendations.

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