Future Medical Cost Projections

An attorney may desire a smaller report than a life care plan to identify future medical costs. Examples include:

  • Medication for a Lifetime
  • Future Single-Level Back Surgery
  • Home Health Assistance
  • Revision of Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Wheelchair or Other Equipment Replacement

The foundation for a Future Medical Cost Projection may include the following:

  • Medical Records
  • Physician Reports
  • Expert Reports
  • Physician Phone Calls
  • Plaintiff Interviews

We provide the usual, reasonable, and customary (URC) cost that the research reveals for the geographical area where the treatment or equipment is received. We show what resources were used to determine these costs.


A Future Medical Cost Projection is a report designed to identify future medical costs for things such as medication, spine surgery, joint replacement surgery, etc.

A patient’s medical records, physician and expert reports are generally needed for review to create a future medical cost projection. Collaboration with treating physicians or experts can also be useful.

A future medical cost projection is usually a shorter report that generally does not include a home visit or an interview with the plaintiff and family. Recommendations are obtained from medical records or communication with physicians.