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Medical Bills Reviews

Also known as:

  • Reasonableness of Past Medical Bills
  • Past Medical Bill Reviews
  • Medical Audit
  • Utilization Audit
  • Bill Review

Past Medical Bill reports are requested by plaintiff and defense attorneys who would like an expert report that past medical bills are reasonable and that these costs are usual and customary.

While only a physician can testify that every test, treatment, and surgery are absolutely required, our reports show the relationship between the injury and the subsequent treatment.

Every treatment or equipment is researched for its reasonable and customary cost in the geographical area where the treatment or equipment is received.

Medical records are reviewed and paired with corresponding bills. Medical expert reports as well as depositions if available are consulted.

We evaluate the appropriateness of codes; i.e., CPT, DRG and HCPCS, watch for unbundling of codes.

We research the appropriateness of the bills through utilization of nationally accepted published standard prices that are adjusted to the geographic area or by phone calls to local providers or Internet sources.

For both defense and plaintiff counsel, the report is a concise review and assessment of the codes and costs and the relationship to the injury.

Review Medical Bills