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Medical Bill Reviews

Dawn Cook has completed over 100 Medical Bill Reviews for plaintiff and defense attorneys. Medical Bill Reviews are also known as: Reasonableness of Past Medical Bills, Past Medical Bill Reviews, Medical Audit, Utilization Audit, and Bill Review. The methodology used for Medical Bill Review reports is to review bills and medical records and research the usual, reasonable and customary (URC) charges based on this information.


We compare the bills to the medical records to validate that the care given was related to the accident or alleged medical malpractice.


We compare the bills to the medical records to ensure the codes are correct for the care documented. If the codes are not correct, we assign the appropriate code and explain. If there is no code on the bills, we research the most appropriate code and add this information to the tables.


We provide the usual, reasonable and customary (URC) cost that the research reveals for the geographical area where the treatment or equipment is received.

We show what resources were used to determine these costs. For both defense and plaintiff counsel, a Medical Bill Review report is a concise assessment of the codes and costs and the relationship to the injury.

Review Medical Bills