Lumbar Fusion and Billing

When a law firm is reviewing the past bills for a lumbar fusion surgery, there may bills from several providers with many differing codes and charges.

The basic charges for a lumbar fusion include:

  • Pre-operative assessment by the surgeon and also by a primary care physician to assess for fitness for surgery. This may include radiology, electrocardiography, laboratory testing, and office visits.
  • The next set of bills that may be found is a hospital in-patient bill, which may be a “charge-master” with many different hospital charges.
  • The anesthesiologist and neuromonitoring team will also each have a bill for services.
  • The surgeon and assistant surgeon will have bills for each code needed for the procedure.
  • Finally, there is post-operative care, including post-operative radiology, medications, therapy and equipment.

To learn more about the bills that are reviewed following this or any other medical care, call Dawn Cook and see how she can help you determine the correct codes and reasonable charges for the care.


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