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Do you only have medical records but no bills? How to get the reasonable value of medical care in absence of actual bills

A Medical Bill Valuation or Past Medical Care Valuation is appropriate for attorneys seeking a report that involves a review of medical records to determine the monetary value of care received by an individual. Often, there are either no billing records associated with the patient’s care or the bills received are from outside the United States. This type of report aims to provide a total value in American dollars (USD). However, dollar values may be converted into other currencies.

Some sample scenarios where a Medical Care Valuation would be requested include

  1. Individuals who have received care through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), such as Kaiser, or any medical care for which no bills exist.
  2. Individuals (active duty, veteran, or spouse) who have received medical care from military providers or VA facility for injuries from an incident, therefore, there will not be any actual bills to present as part of a personal injury claim. A medical care valuation report can assign monetary values to care received.
  3. International tourists who received medical care in their home country for injuries from incidents that occurred during their visit to the United States. A medical care valuation report could show the cost of care in USD if treatment were administered in the
    United States.
  4. Canadians who were injured in the US received some care in Canada, which is subsidized with the collateral source of the Canadian health care system and rarely generates a bill. A medical care valuation report can show the cost of care in Canada or
    in the USA, depending on your needs.


  • All medical records related to the subject incident and subsequent medical care must be available for review.
    • Medical records from other countries in another language must be translated into English to be adequately evaluated.
  • If medical bills are available (particularly for scenarios 2 & 3 above), these may be helpful in records analysis.

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Please visit our Medical Bill Reviews page if you have medical bills and would like them reviewed for reasonableness.