Ring and Nest, a Great Help to Paraplegics

We have all been there, in the bathroom, in bed, sleepy and not ready to face society than the doorbell rings.  For people in a wheelchair, it can require a lot of energy expenditure to transfer from bed to their chair or rush out of the bathroom to get to ...

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The Evolution of Wheelchairs

For patients with spinal cord injuries or mobility issues, the wheelchair can be their best friend and can also be their greatest enemy.

Wheelchairs weren’t always advanced like they are today, in fact, the first sketch of a person in a wheelchair was from 1595.  King Phillip II of Spain ...

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New Smart Wheelchair Cushion Technology

People who sit for long periods of time, especially those who spend their day in a wheelchair, are at high risk for pressure injuries, also known as pressure ulcers or sores.  Pressure injuries are at the highest risk over areas that are bony such as the tailbone and an important ...

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What is Involved with Fitting a Wheelchair?

A common item requested in personal injury lawsuits are wheelchairs, both for short and long term use. It is important to understand why proper fittings are essential for comfort, usability and to prevent further injuries from wheelchair misuse.

Why do Wheelchairs need a fitting?

Most people dependent on a wheelchair ...

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