It was a pleasure working with you in this case. This lawsuit has resolved, and there is no need for further work-up on the case. I appreciate your time and effort in helping us prepare this case for trial. I hope to work with you again in the future.”
Glenn S. Ritter
Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP
I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Cook on a number of cases. She is prompt, responsive and accessible. Dawn is an empathetic interviewer and her life care plans have always been comprehensive and appropriate.
Pete Kaufman, Esq.
Panish, Shea and Boyle LLP

Thank you very much for the great job you did on this case. You defended your position during your telephone testimony for binding arbitration very succinctly and professionally. You held your own and did not get flustered during cross-examination. I really enjoyed working with you and hope to do so in the future.
Brenda E. Morris, Esq.
Law Offices of Leslie R. Kop
We went to meditation and we were able to settle the case. I want to let you know, I am very appreciative of your efforts. A huge part of what you helped us with including your life care plan and all those reasonableness figures ended up in my pre-mediation report and my mediation brief, I am very thankful.
Jeremy Beale, Esq.
Bullard Brown & Beal