A Day in the Life Video Use

Nurse life care planners typically interview a patient in their home when creating a life care plan. A home visit is conducted to view and document the plaintiff’s home environment in order to better understand the plaintiff’s needs.  One way to demonstrate a plaintiff’s day-to-day life is by creating a “day in the life video,” showing a plaintiff’s routine including activities of daily living and any potential challenges from morning until bedtime.  A video can have great value in assisting viewers, such as other providers or the jury understand what needs an individual has and can provide validation for items and services that may be included in a life care plan to meet those needs.

Hailbeck, Kolarik, and Lamar (2020) wrote an article in the Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning titled ‘Seeing is Believing: Use of Video for Nurse Life Care Planning’ that details video formats that can be used, costs, and examples of cases where videos were used.  To read more please visit the journal article linked below.

Hailbeck, S., Kolarik, G., Lamar, L. (2020).  Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning. Seeing is Believing: Use of Video for Nurse Life Care Planning, XX(3, p.)27-31. Retrieved from https://www.aanlcp.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/AANLCP-Aug2020.pdf