Wearable Technology and Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Technology is advancing the applications for emergency systems at home for the aging and disabled. A common device is the emergency button that can activated by the wearer when they need help for fire, police or ambulance. Newer devices are GPS-enabled and work even when the wearer is not at home. Some devices can even detect falls.

Voice control technology is being used at home in the form of Alexa (Amazon) and Google Home. These devices can be used to turn on and off lights, control the thermostat and even provide answers to general questions. In the future, they may be integrated with emergency response systems.

Personal or wearable emergency devices can provide assurance, confidence and more independence for the elderly and for the disabled and should be considered for anyone with the risk of falling or having medical emergencies. Cell phones may not be in reach when an emergency happens, but wearable technology can always be reached and ensures a quicker response.

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