What is a “Past Medical Bills” report?

Attorneys involved in personal injury and medical malpractice cases will want to have all the medical bills post incident reviewed for appropriateness. There are several steps involved in a past medical bill review, which includes the following:

Verification: The first step is to review the medical records to determine if all of the bills are related to the incident in question.

Correct Coding: The next step is to compare the medical records to the billing codes to see if a reasonable/appropriate code was used in the bill.

Correct Charges: The third step is to compare the codes with standard charge references, or complete research to determine if the charges were reasonable in the community where the bill was created.

For a “Past Medical Bills” report, all medical bills and related medical records are required in order to create a comprehensive report. To learn more about how a Past Medical Bill Review may be helpful to your case, please contact Dawn today.